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Your loyal subscribers are going to love this guide…

In this guide, I will lay out step by step how your subscribers can help increase their milk supply and give all the nutritional benefits to their babies, without solely relying on infant formula milk.

This guide was written in simple language and was specially designed to help mothers from all walks of life to benefit from good nursing milk supply.

This is NOT any of those pre-sells program

There will be no upsells or crosssells in the book or to promote another product.

This guide is all that the mother will ever need to help boost their milk supply

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Pre-Launch #1

Send on 4th February 2013

Subject: You have got to see this <SUBCRIBER'S NAME>...
Email Copy:

I am very excited today as my good friend Diane Walters has just told me she is launching a new guide on 11th February 2013

If you don’t know Diane, she is a mother of 3 who has struggled a lot in the past when it comes to getting full good supply of milk for her babies.

Then after thoughtful experimentation, she finally uncovered the reasons why many mothers have low supply of milk and how she can overcome it by doing certain techniques that even your lactation experts may not know of!

And now at 11th February on Monday she is going to reveal EXACTLY how you can do the same thing.

The great news is she is giving away some special early bird access to our subscribers during the launch.

Don’t miss out on this, it is going to be your most important day

In the meantime, check out this important report "10 Costly Mistakes That Can Shutdown Your Milk Supply" which was released by her for limited time only

Go download it now before it's taken down for good.


Speak to you soon


Pre-Launch #2

Send on 10th February 2013

Subject: Tomorrow your breastfeeding challenge will change FOREVER!
Email Copy:


Ok just to remind you..

Tomorrow 11th February 2013

Diane Walters’s book launch

Milk Up! Your Essential Guide To Boosting Your Milk Supply

This guide will show you EXACTLY step by step how Diane was able tTo go from having to have a couple of women donating milk to her to filling an entire 7 cubic foot deep freezer of milk!

Mark your calendar, put a reminder on your phone…

Tie a knot in your handkerchief...

Whatever it is you do to remember things, just don’t forget

11th February 2013

I will send you a mail tomorrow of course to make absolutely certain you get this amazing guide as soon as possible

Look out for my mail

See you tomorrow




Send on 11th February 2013

Subject: Are you serious about your baby’s nutritional needs?
Email Copy:

Have you heard of Milk Up! Guide?

Well if not let me explain…

Your breast milk is the best nutrient your baby will ever need.

Sadly, there are many mothers just like you who may not be able to achieve the desired level of satisfaction due to your constant low supply.

It’s not your fault actually

You don’t have to live in such situation

Diane Walter will be revealing exactly how you can achieve increased milk supply and have you breastfeed exclusively whenever you want to...

... without the constant worrying and desperate hunger look in your baby’s face

….and she will also lay it out step by step for you to do the EXACT same thing


Now after successfully breastfed her children, she wants to help all mothers from around the world to never have to worry about low milk supply anymore.

If you truly want to best for your baby, check this out now


To your success
P/S My understanding is this going to be a limited offer, so get in on it quick..



Follow Up Email #1

Send on 13th February 2013

Subject: Here’s how to increase your milk supply
Email Copy:

How long have you been struggling to increase your milk supply?

Pretty long is it?

That was how frustrated it was for Diane Walters before she finally uncovered many secret techniques on how any mother can finally stop seeing the look of desperate hunger in their babies face


Have you constantly struggled to breastfeed and always thought of switching to bottle feeding?

Are you constanly overwhelmed with guilt or grief as well as worrying about your babies not getting enough milk in you for their full nourishment and healthy growth?

Do you ever felt like a failure for not producing enough milk for your baby and could hardly accept this fact?

Just how devastated you are now whenever you see your baby losing weight and getting skinner day by day or not getting back to your baby’s birth weight after several weeks?

Finally Diane is going to lay out, step by step how any mother can increase her milk supply almost effortlessly.

It really is so simply that it hurts me when I see so many mothers are struggling on it.

You can get your help here

To you success


Follow Up Email #2

Send on 18th February 2013

Subject: The site may be pulled down
Email Copy:

Diane Walters has been on a mission to help mothers with their low milk supply problem.

I really cannot recommend strongly enough that you get in on this


You want to..

Stop worrying about not having enough milk?

Meet your baby’s nutritional and emotional needs with your breastfeeding?

Stop having the thought of your baby starving, crying and drinking something your baby hates?

Not feel like a failure for not producing enough ilk for your baby?

Then check out this latest guide on how you can increase your milk supply


Do not miss out on this

If you do you could be throwing away a golden chance to help you break free from constant low milk supply problem


To your success


To your success!

Author, Speaker, Mother to 3 kids


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